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  • Join us next month as we recognize civic and community leaders from around Metro Atlanta and celebrate their efforts to make our world a better place. On April 19th, AIB Network will host our 2018 Allen Awards at the Southwest Performing Arts Center.
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  • Join us in March as we showcase the spiritual journeys of faith and community leaders, including Rev. Barbara King, Sensei Michael Ellison and Rabbi Alvin Sugarman. Every Friday and Saturday evening at 9 pm
    Schedule of AIB Spiritual Journey AIB programming here

    New this Month

    Growing Up Fit has everything you need to help kids improve motor skills, balance, coordination, strength, and concentration. Kids and parents will love Dr. Vernette's unique approach to exercise that is fully inclusive, non-competitive and has enormous benefits for everyone! This program is designed to inspire children of all ages to be active and have fun as they learn the fundamentals of fitness.

    Monday - Friday at 3:00 PM

    From a presidential candidate to more women running for public office in state and local government, in this edition of AIB Presents, "Women: A Political Power Surge" we explore why women are entering the political arena and how their involvement may transform public policy.

    AIB’s new DIY series, “Craft Your Imagination.” You’ll learn to make amazing art projects inspired by the latest trends spotted on on-line arts and craft sites, with easy, step-by-step instructions using tools and materials you may already have at home.

    On Flowing Yoga, Ashley will guide you through your daily Vinyasa Yoga practice as you flow from one posture to the next connecting them using breath. By following this adaptable practice you will build strength coupled with flexibility while stimulating your body and mind.


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    First Baptist Church of Atlanta

    In Touch Ministries is the teaching ministry of Dr. Charles Stanley, Senior Pastor of First Baptist Atlanta. Our mission is to lead people worldwide into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ and to strengthen the local church. We remain committed to advancing the gospel from person to person and place to place as quickly, clearly, and irresistibly as possible.

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    • Fridays at 8:00 PM