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The AIB Network develops and distributes original content. Our value-driven programming educates the mind, strengthens the body and inspires the spirit. Programming broadcasts are available to over two million homes in Northern Georgia on Comcast Cable (channel 295) and AT&T Uverse (channel 6) as well as worldwide via Live Streaming and on our YouTube Channel. The AIB Network actively supports and recognizes non-profit and faith based organizations and is an active member of the Atlanta, GA community. In addition, the AIB Network offers cost-effective field and studio video production services from our state-of-the-art facility conveniently located in mid-town Atlanta, GA.

This Month Featured Programs

  • Rising Lotus Qi Gong

Christina Barea and Peyton Young of the Rising Lotus Qigong introduce you to the simple mind, body, breath practice of qigong for beginners and the Eight Silk Brocade. Qigong is a term used to describe a large variety of meditations, exercises, breathing techniques, life habits, healing modalities, treatment protocols, spiritual beliefs and more. The actual definition of qigong is “the practice of energy cultivation over time” and throughout this series, Christina and Peyton will be your guides through this ancient practice.

Airs Mondays – Fridays at 7:30 a.m.

  • Law and Society

Law & Society is a current affairs talk show that covers legal matters, particularly those impacting everyday people. Topics include workers' compensation, the new tax law, expanding MEDICAID and more.

  • Airtimes
  • Premiers Tuesday, January 4 at 9:00 p.m.
  • Check schedule for re-air dates and times

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Craft Your Imagination | Craft Corner

Get ready to get those "creative juices" flowing with AIB's DIY series, "Craft Your Imagination!" You'll learn to do art projects inspired by the latest trends spotted on online arts and craft sites, with easy, step-by-step instructions using tools and materials you may have at home.

This Month on Shop AIB

Let’s Learn English

"Let's Learn English" teaches you the basics of the English language, from letters of the alphabet to everyday conversation. Join veteran language teacher Danny Evans to learn common words, phrases and sentences to help you gain comfort speaking and writing in English. This 13-part series is ideal for all ages and for non-native English speakers.

AIB Network Supports

International Creativity Month

January is International Creativity Month and was created by Randall Munson. It may not be observed simultaneously all throughout the world, the way it’s celebrated is fairly consistent. Aside from acknowledging people who work in creative industries, International Creativity Month is used to show and practice various creative cultural infrastructures, come up with new ideas that challenges our minds, improve our problem-solving skills through creativity and address tasks across different industries.