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The AIB Network develops and distributes original content. Our value-driven programming educates the mind, strengthens the body and inspires the spirit. Programming broadcasts are available to over two million homes in Northern Georgia on Comcast Cable (channel 295) and AT&T Uverse (channel 6) as well as worldwide via Live Streaming and on our YouTube Channel. The AIB Network actively supports and recognizes non-profit and faith based organizations and is an active member of the Atlanta, GA community. In addition, the AIB Network offers cost-effective field and studio video production services from our state-of-the-art facility conveniently located in mid-town Atlanta, GA.

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  • Exploring IFA

When enslaved Africans were brought to the Americas during the 17th and 18th century slave trade, they did not bring just their history and language. They also brought with them spiritual beliefs and practices which have been gaining popularity in the 21st century. We hear about the lived experience of practitioners of one of these traditions, the Ifa or Yoruba spiritual path, which emerged in West Africa. As you'll hear in this series, many families once followed this spiritual tradition in secret or wove the rituals into Christian practices though, today, some African Americans are openly seeking and practicing spiritual experiences rooted in this vibrant cultural heritage.

  • Food Travels

Join world-traveling chef, Nancy Waldeck as she teaches you how to cook dishes from all over the world! Nancy has devoted her life to traveling and exploring fascinating cultures and cuisines. Each episode focuses on a different country and she'll show you how to prepare easy and delicious recipes she's learned from a lifetime of travel.

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Hello Taekwondo!

Annyeonghaseyo! Hello! In this episode of Hello Taekwondo! Master Daniel starts from the ki bon - the beginning - teaching us the basics of the over 2,000-year-old sport. Ready to release some energy - ki hap? Let's learn the correct form - poomsae - and how to block, punch, strike, and grapple! Then, review what you learned in a game with Sensei Kim Chi, Tamago, and Bada.

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The Beatitudes in Aramaic

The Beatitudes in Aramaic, with Dr. Rocco Errico, uncovers the ancient language of Jesus in his own native tongue. It is widely known that Jesus and his disciples spoke Aramaic which was the common language of Judea in the first century AD.  Watch this series as Dr. Errico teaches you The Beatitudes in Aramaic.

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National Breast Cancer Awareness Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. This annual campaign, launched by the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Inc., aims to help those affected by breast cancer through early detection, education and support services.