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In this edition of Metro Life we take you behind the scenes at the Atlanta Sausage Company. We also crack open a book as the First Lady of Georgia, Sandra Deal, reads to kids as part of the grand opening of Atlanta’s Pajama Program Reading Center. With summer here and bikers on the road, we hitch a ride with the Zulu Motorcycle Club. And finally we visit Sergio Croom who provides an outlet for the faith crowd to let loose and let go. Make sure you’re watching this month's episode of Metro Life, only on the AIB Network.

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What to do for dinner? Check out some of our favorite recipes we have gather throughout the years from guests, hosts, visitors and friends of AIB everything from authentic ethnic dishes, healthy snacks for kids to quick and simple desserts.
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AIB is also heavily vested in the creation and distribution of original programming content that feeds the mind and promotes healthy bodies and spirits. From programs that encourage exercise to educational programs that teach a new language, AIB original programming is for life and for all to enjoy.

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Who Am I?

Who Am I? is a psycho-spiritual program hosted by 40-year veteran and board-certified psychologist, Dr. Allen Carter. In a simulated lecture setting, he engages with his studio class members on various topics every week in effort to address some of man's most profound questions about God’s identity, human identity and personal identity. Regardless of religious beliefs or backgrounds, class members are uninhibitedly able to ask questions, comment on the various points of view and share personal stories about their life experiences and the conditions that caused them to seek truth. facebook

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