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The AIB Network develops and distributes original content. Our value-driven programming educates the mind, strengthens the body and inspires the spirit. Programming broadcasts are available to over two million homes in Northern Georgia on Comcast Cable (channel 295) and AT&T Uverse (channel 6) as well as worldwide via Live Streaming and on our YouTube Channel. The AIB Network actively supports and recognizes non-profit and faith based organizations and is an active member of the Atlanta, GA community. In addition, the AIB Network offers cost-effective field and studio video production services from our state-of-the-art facility conveniently located in mid-town Atlanta, GA.

This Month Featured Programs

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  • Pilates Please for Seniors

Atlanta Georgia-based wellness and fitness expert Vernette McKnight creates an at-home, Pilates, and functional movement inspired routine that will help older adults improve balance to prevent falling, build strength in muscles and bones, build more flexibility in muscles and joints, and improve the core.

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  • Law & Society

More than 130 people in the United States die from an opioid overdose – daily!  That’s nearly six people an hour! In 2018, an estimated 10.3 million Americans ages 12 and older misused the drugs.  Opioids like hydrocodone and oxycodone are used to relieve pain, but caused nearly 48-thousand deaths in 20-17.  How did we get to this point?  What is being done to curb this epidemic? 

She Speaks Live

She Speaks Live is a talk show hosted by Nicci Gilbert that empowers and inspires women to live their best life by tackling relationships, parenting, fitness, and personal finance issues. In addition, guest panelists discuss everyday issues, share their opinions and engage in colorful conversations on a variety of topics.

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  • Sundays, 10:00 p.m. - 11:00 p.m.

AIB Network Celebrates 50-Year Anniversary

Thank You For Your Support 

The Board of Directors and staff of the AIB Network would like to thank you for your support in 2019 as we celebrated 50 years of fostering connections across diverse communities within Georgia and around the world. We have partnered with organizations as passionate as we are about making our community a better place and created programs to uplift, and improve the well-being of our viewers. We pledge to continue this mission of celebrating diversity and creating community. Collectively, we can make the world better.

Again, thank you for your generosity and support in 2019 and we look forward to continuing to grow, support and sustain our mission over the next 50 years!

This Month on Shop AIB

Let's Learn English

"Let's Learn English" teaches you the basics of the English language, from letters of the alphabet to everyday conversation. Join veteran language teacher Danny Evans to learn common words, phrases and sentences to help you gain comfort speaking and writing in English. This 13-part series is ideal for all ages and for non-native English speakers.

AIB Network Supports

National Human Rights Month

December is National Human Rights Month, during this month everyone is encouraged to unite and stand up for equality, justice and dignity of all humans. On December 10, 1948 - The Universal Declaration of Human Rights which outlines the basic rights and fundamental freedom to which we are entitled to was created by The General Assembly of the United Nations. For more information, visit: https://nationaltoday.com/universal-human-rights-month/.