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AIB-TV, Atlanta’s interfaith network, is your source for interfaith religious, spiritual and nonprofit television and videos. Join us and explore world religions and  religious holidays and dialogue between those of all faiths.  Find out cool and current stuff about Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhist, Sikh, Hindu, Taoist, Bahai, Mennonites and more. From traditional to contemporary ministries – there’s no better place to be than AIB-TV.
Special Presentation: 100 Influential Georgia Muslims

The 100 Influential Georgia Muslims is a AIB partnership with the Islamic Speakers Bureau which features the first gala in Georgia that honors Georgia leaders who happen to be Muslims for their extraordinary impact. Leaders who are transforming vision into action, surmounting challenges, breaking down barriers, sparking innovation, and attaining success for their organizations and communities. Muslims of distinction were recognized and honored for their success and contributions in business, nonprofits, government, entertainment, education and science and medicine.
Special Presentation:100 Influential Georgia Muslims premieres October17th at 10:00 P.M.
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Christian Encounters
Premieres October 27th at 4:00pm

How did Christianity develop and grow from a Jewish sect to a religion with the most adherents around the world? In this AIB series, we meet with theologians and clergy from across the metro Atlanta area to broaden perspectives on what Christianity has looked like and does look like across time and space. This 12-part series attends to both historical developments and cultural/geographic diversity, featuring a mixture of interviews with local scholars and church leaders, together with filming a variety of Christian communities in the area.
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After Life on Earth
Premieres October 6th at 10:00 pm

The one commonality that all humans share is that our physical bodies will perish at some point. Whether we live into old age or die in a tragic accident, we are all going to leave this place known as planet Earth. Our practices are for honoring the final life event vary as much as our faith traditions....After Life on Earth.
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Whether you’re handy with a calculator, can organize to perfection or have a ready smile, AARP Foundation Tax-Aide needs your skills. Volunteers prepare tax returns, greet program users and ensure things run smoothly at locations throughout Georgia and nationwide. Sign up to train for the 2015 tax season at aarp.org/taxvolunteer.
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   October 20th
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