Yoga Basics with Marti

This month Ease into this 13-part series with gentle instruction from veteran yoga teacher Marti Yura. Beyond teaching basic poses, Marti helps you understand the benefits of each posture and proper positioning as well as ways to modify the postures. Yoga instructor Caroline Dunham joins Marti to demonstrate each pose. In this episode, you'll learn the Sun Salutation poses and conclude with easy postures to open the hips and a relaxing message to support mindfulness.

"Yoga Basics with Marti!" offers simple yoga poses to build mindful awareness of your body and breath, release patterns of strain as well as build physical strength and mental focus. You'll also learn basic poses to help you create a regular practice of yoga as a way to feel more energy and ease. For "Yoga Basics with Marti," you'll need a yoga mat, and, you might like to have some yoga blocks, a blanket and a bolster on hand, as well as a chair. And remember, if a pose doesn't feel comfortable, feel free to watch, and modify it as you need to.

Weekdays 6:30a.m. 8:30a.m.