Yoga Posses Daily

Join certified Iyengar Yoga teacher Lynn Brandli as she introduces to you the Iyengar style of Yoga. This style of yoga is known for bringing intellectual and spiritual techniques to yoga practitioners with the use of props to create precision in alignment in poses (asanas) and breath awareness and control (pranayama). Iyengar Yoga has been termed “meditation in action” where through mindfulness, we aim to create strength, flexibility and relaxation in asanas for optimal well being.

This Month Yoga Instructor Lynn Brandli shows you the art of Iyengar Yoga, where through mindfulness, she aims to create strength, flexibility, and relaxation in asanas for optimal well being. On Yoga Poses Daily this month, Lynn Brandli will show you some Iyengar yoga poses that will help keep your mind focused and healthy.

Re-air Weekdays 8:30a.m.