Surrounded by Science

Surrounded by Science
A new, engaging and educational show exploring the wonderful world of science in our everyday life. From animals to farming to astronomy, join quirky host Meisa Salaita as she meets with top scientists from around Georgia to explore what they do best - teaching science to everyday citizens.

Premieres October 23rd
Join science enthusiast extraordinaire Meisa Salaita as she drops in on the Georgia Reptile Society. Meisa comes face to face with a sixty pound Burmese python! Did you know more than a third of all known amphibians are threatened with extinction? Journey to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens, where Meisa learns about the frogs inside the frogPOD, a conservation and breeding lab closed to the public. Finally, Meisa challenges herself and snacks on some crunchy ants. Who thought bugs could be so tasty?

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  • Monday - Friday at 4:00 PM