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We offer the widest variety of our programming, to include fitness, how to learn different languages, cooking and educational documentaries.

  • America’s first licensed astrologer, Maxine Taylor, takes us through reading our Astrology chart and discusses the effects that the planets have on our daily lives. 7 episodes

    In this more advanced astrology course, Georgia's first licensed astrologer Maxine Taylor digs deeper into reading our Astrology chart. 6 episodes

    This low-impact workout series, by wellness and fitness expert Vernette McKnight, focuses on proper alignment incorporating moves from ballet, Pilates, and yoga to upbeat music. Ballet Fusion Fitness blends cardio, strength training, flexibility, balance, and core conditioning in a total body workout targeting hips, glutes, abs, and arms. This workout series is designed to improve balance and flexibility, build strength, burn calories, and improve stability through a stronger core. 6 episodes

    The Beattitudes in Aramaic with Dr. Rocco Errico uncovers the ancient language of Jesus in his own native tongue. It is widely known that Jesus and his disciples spoke Aramaic which was the common language of Judea in the first century AD. 4 episodes

    Season 1: Host Michael Issa takes a step-by-step approach through each move in the Lian Gong 18 set of Dao-Yin, a stretching focused subset of Qigong. 13 episodes

    Season 2: New movements such as "Draw a Bow to Shoot and Arrow" are demonstrated. 13 episodes

    Season 3: Dao Yin combines fluid, stretching movements with deep breathing and guided qi-flow. We share the oldest known dao yin set called Ma Wang Dui Dao Yin, derived from ancient drawings discovered in the Mawangdui caves of China. The Ma Wang Dui set is organized into 12 movements that correlate with the 12 meridians or energy pathways of the body. These are the same pathways used in acupuncture to balance the body’s natural qi or energy system. Some of these movements can be done at varying levels of difficulty. Please listen to your body and never go beyond your level of comfort. You will achieve better results by taking it slow and letting your body naturally stretch. 13 episodes

    An overview of the Buddhist spiritual path from basic tenets to its rituals as practiced in countries all over the world. 6 episodes

    The Roman Catholic Church is the largest Christian denomination with more than one-billion followers worldwide. Explore how Catholic beliefs, rituals and values inspire its followers – from the veneration of the Virgin Mary and the meaning of the trinity to church teachings on social justice and potential for reform. 4 episodes

    The Yoruba tradition of West Africa known as Ifa is explained, from the belief in one supreme God to a pantheon of divine spirits and encounters with the ancestors. Explore how the tradition is practiced in the African diaspora and how it has been incorporated into other faith practices. 3 episodes

    From pop culture icons to adherents of the Orthodox Jewish Hasidic movement, the ancient Jewish tradition of mystical interpretation of the Bible known as Kabbalah has experienced a resurgence in the late 20th and 21st centuries. Gain an understanding of the history and development of Kabbalah over the centuries. Delve into texts and teachings that seek to illuminate the nature of the soul's connection with the Divine, and how all existence is infused with mystical significance. 5 episodes

    Season 1: World-traveling chef Nancy Waldeck prepares dishes with flavors from Sicily, Spain, Mexico, South Africa & the Caribbean. 6 episodes

    Season 2: World-traveling chef Nancy Waldeck prepares dishes from Northern Italy, the Loire Valley in France, Argentina, Russia, China and Portugal. 6 episodes

    Season 3: World-traveling chef Nancy Waldeck teaches you how to cook dishes from East Africa, Morocco, the Provence region of southeastern France, Polynesia, Southern Italy, and Switzerland. 6 episodes

    Season 4: Globe-trotting chef Nancy Waldeck introduces you to cuisine from Germany, India, Thailand, the United Kingdom, Central Europe and the Alsace region of France. She makes it easy for you to learn the recipes for these cultural classics. 6 episodes

    Annette Marcus opens her kitchen on "It Tastes Jewish". From vegetarian chopped liver and matzo balls, to beef brisket and challah bread, Annette knows how to make cooking fun. Annette demonstrates how to cook authentic Jewish foods, some of which are well-known Jewish staples, while others have religious symbolism and backgrounds. Annette’s family and friends frequently stop by to help her make these delicious dishes which have been passed down through generations. 8 episodes

    The Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic with Dr. Rocco Errico uncovers the ancient language of Jesus in his own native tongue. It is widely known that Jesus and his disciples spoke Aramaic which was the common language of Judea in first century AD. Learn how to pronounce and recite the Lord’s Prayer in Aramaic. 7 episodes

    Who was Maynard Holbrook Jackson, Jr. beyond Atlanta's first African-American mayor? Find out, from those who worked closest with him before and after his three terms as a groundbreaking leader whose legacy reaches far beyond Atlanta and far beyond his lifetime. Based on interviews conducted by Shirley Franklin, Atlanta's first female mayor, you'll hear anecdotes and stories that reveal Jackson's unique character, and dispel the myths that often surrounded him, to showcase the passion he had for the city he led.

    Fitness expert Vernette McKnight delivers an at-home, Pilates, and functional-movement-inspired routine to help older adults improve balance to prevent falling, build strength and flexibility in muscles and joints, and improve the core. 6 episodes

    Season 1: Instructor Dr. Danny Evans teaches introductory Spanish (beginners) to his audience and along the way, introduces you to aspects of Hispanic culture. 13 episodes

    Season 2: Dr. Danny Evans takes us to his classroom to take us to an intermediate level of speaking and understanding the Spanish language. Go on location to homes, restaurants and other venues to learn different cultural aspects of several countries (Peru, Chile, Guatemala, Colombia, Mexico). 13 episodes

    Season 3: A deeper dive into the Spanish language with slow speech skits (dialogue scrolling alongside) which allows the viewer to follow the conversation. 13 episodes

    Season 4: Dr. Danny Evans takes us deeper into the Spanish language and culture with grammar and vocabulary lessons as well as with engaging dialogue that includes subtitles to reinforce comprehension and conversation. 13 episodes

    Season 1: Get fit with senior fitness expert and exercise physiologist Bradford Bailey. Each episode features chair exercises to work all the major muscle groups in one easy-to-follow workout. 13 episodes

    Aramaic scholar, Dr. Rocco Errico, shares the customs and geography of the ancient Near East to teach the Gospel of Matthew from its Aramaic original. Join Dr. Errico as he provides insights into the practical teachings of Jesus that offer a universal message. Dr. Errico focuses on what has become known as the "Sermon on the Mount" and "Beatitudes". 8 episodes

    In 1830, President Andrew Jackson signed the Indian Removal Act into law, giving him authority to negotiate with South Eastern Native American tribes for their removal to lands west of the Mississippi. With this act in place, Jackson was able to threaten and force tribes into signing treaties - giving their land away forever. We bring you voices of the Cherokee, past and present, with sounds from the 175th Anniversary Ceremony at New Echota and interviews with descendants of those who made it to Indian territory.

  • Executive Chef Carlton Brown brings classy cuisine into your home kitchen. Chef Carlton’s classic favorites with a contemporary flair will be the talk of any dinner party. 6 episodes

    Season 1: French Lessons taught in a beginners style by the Director of the Atlanta Alliance Francais. 13 episodes

    Join certified pilates instructor and chiropractor Vernette McKnight, D.C, as she demonstrates short workouts that pregnant women in any trimester can master. These prenatal videos are designed to help the average pregnant woman through her pregnancy journey. As always, please make sure that you have been cleared by your doctor before starting any program. 13 episodes

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