Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey celebrates the life stories of those who have found meaning in their lives through the lens of religious, spiritual and faith encounters. The series includes intimate one-on-one interviews with clergy, lay leaders and others whose lives have been guided and inspired by their spiritual quest and search for meaning.

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Diane Bish first put her hands on a keyboard at age 6 and, ever since, she's been guided by a sense of the Divine and the desire for excellence that has earned her the title of the "First Lady of the Pipe Organ." Her prowess at the pipe organ has taken her around the world and into the hearts of thousands through her long-running show "Joy of Music." In this Spiritual Journey interview, conducted in the magnificent sanctuary of John's Creek United Methodist Church, we hear about her inspiring instructors, her deep connection to her faith, the churches and cathedrals where she's performed and the healing potential of music. Diane also graciously performed sacred music on the congregation's historic organ -- an instrument originally installed at Trinity Church in New York City in the 1920s and donated to the metro Atlanta church after the terror attacks of 9/11. The AIB Network is honored to showcase this legendary musician.

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