Spiritual Journey

Spiritual Journey celebrates the life stories of those who have found meaning in their lives through the lens of religious, spiritual and faith encounters. The series includes intimate one-on-one interviews with clergy, lay leaders and others whose lives have been guided and inspired by their spiritual quest and search for meaning.

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Soumaya Khalifa launched the Islamic Speakers Bureau (ISB) of Atlanta in August 2001, a month before the 9/11 tragedy focused world-wide attention on the Muslim community. The need for understanding Islam became all the more critical, a need Ms. Khalifa had already come to understand as an observant Muslim woman, raising a family in a predominantly Christian culture. Under her leadership, the ISB has become an influential voice, not only for understanding Islam but for interfaith engagement. In this edition of Spiritual Journey, she reflects on the scope of her spiritual upbringing and commitment to reaching across boundaries of religion and culture. She also invites us to hear her story, told in her own words, beginning in Alexandria, Egypt before her life in the United States, though she is humble about the many well-deserved awards she's received for her passionate quest for peaceful coexistence. Among her honors, Ms. Khalifa is a past AIB Network board member and host of the "Meet your Muslim Neighbor" series. She has also served as a "Citizen Diplomat" for the U.S. Department of State and has received the "Phoenix Award" from the City of Atlanta.

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