Spritual Journey

Spiritual Journey celebrates the life stories of those who have found meaning in their lives through the lens of religious, spiritual and faith encounters. The series includes intimate one-on-one interviews with clergy, lay leaders and others whose lives have been guided and inspired by their spiritual quest and search for meaning.

Collette Gunby took the reins of Green Pastures Christian Ministries in Decatur, Georgia after the death of its pastor, her husband, the Rev. Ronald Gunby. Under her leadership, the church thrived and grew. One of her most ambitious evangelical tools was the dramatic musical play, King of Glory. With a cast of 250 members, this was one of Atlanta's most ambitious theatrical productions, electrifying annual audiences of 25,000. Under Apostle Gunby's leadership, Green Pastures Christian Ministries has built housing for seniors and opened Green Pastures Academy, educating children from kindergarten through high school

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