AIB Special Presentations

The AIB Network broadcasts Special Presentations as a forum to highlight significant cultural events, community organizations and contemporary issues.

For specific air times and dates of AIB special presentations please contact our office at (404)892-0454 or e-mail at

The AIB Spirit Awards
The AIB Spirit Awards recognizes and honors individuals and organizations that are touching lives, improving the community and making a difference. On this AIB special presentation we look to some inspirational moments from past AIB programs that spotlight award winners. We hope you find them informative and inspirational as the AIB network marks the upcoming 2018 Allen Awards celebrating one voice, one community.
Premieres March 13th at 10:00 PM

What is the poverty crisis and how does it affect my life? Voiceless: A Documentary on Systemic Poverty examines the poverty crisis and gives us a first-hand account on what it looks like to be poor in the U.S.. As Terence Lester walks from Atlanta, Georgia to Washington D.C. to raise awareness for this issue, he interviews experts and those experiencing poverty themselves along the way. The documentary follows Lester’s unique journey and those of five people and their struggle with poverty. The film will leave the viewer changed, asking "How they can I make a difference?".

Journey into Europe
World-renowned anthropologist and Islamic scholar Ambassador Akbar Ahmed explores the history and impact of Islam in Europe. This film crosses the European continent from the United Kingdom to Bosnia, hearing from some of its most prominent figures and everyday people as we Journey into Europe.

The Cake Lady
AIB is proud to bring you the heart-warming story, The Cake Lady, an award-winning film that tells the story of 88-year-old Fay Tenenbaum, as she’s poised to leave the home in Atlanta where she'd raised her children and held the weekly Sabbath dinners for extended family. It was a transition into living arrangements for an elderly loved one that many families face and, in this documentary created by Fay's granddaughter Brittany, viewers have the rare opportunity to witness first-hand challenging journey. Audiences also watch Fay maintain her sense of humor while keeping her tradition of baking and giving away her signature pound cake to her community of neighbors, community civil servants and local business owners.

The Dinner Architect

“The Dinner Architect” is a "you are there" culinary adventure that chronicles the engaging, fun, warm, adorable Chef Juan Montier, and his wife and business partner, Judith Montier, as they create a one night pop up dinner. With the flavor of a documentary, "The Dinner Architect" provides an immersive "edutainment" journey taking viewers behind the scenes and allowing them to experience firsthand the fun and the challenge of pulling together the event, from conception to implementation. Throughout the show, Chef Juan shares his food philosophy, as well as his culinary and artistic talents. view as he provides viewers with food and décor tips the home cook can easily implement.

Church Twinning
Join celebrants in the chapel of the Interdenominational Theological Seminary in Atlanta in honor of the 36th anniversary of partnering churches in the United States with churches in Africa, the Caribbean and South America.  This nonprofit outreach ministry, known as “Church Twinning International”, celebrates another milestone with uplifting songs and remarks by Barbara Harrison with the King Center and church twinning co-founder, Rev. Sidney Holston.

The Quest for Truth in a Technological Age:
The Evolving Dialogue Between Science & Religion

John Cressler, PhD, one of Georgia Tech's most highly decorated professors, discusses why the dialogue between science and religion is capable of producing the most complete and satisfying path forward in humanity’s quest for truth. In this Special Presentation, held before a standing-room-only audience on the Georgia Tech campus, Dr. Cressler reflects on the marvels of modern science (cosmology, biology, quantum theory) and what those discoveries mean for religion and the future of humanity.