Sky Box

This month Athletics has often served as an entry point for many African Americans as a way to achieve a college education, and in this special edition of Skybox, we consider the role of HBCU’s – Historically Black Colleges and Universities – in not only championing high achievers in sports, but in offering a well-rounded education that prepares young Black men and women for life. We’ll hear from Chloe Robinson, great granddaughter of legendary football coach Eddie Robinson, historian Herman “Skip” Mason and NFL star Solomon Brannan.

Skybox is a show about getting active in your community, physically active that is, in whatever community that may be. Each month, we showcase what is happening in your back yard. We discover new happenings in the Metro Atlanta area and beyond that benefit either the athletic or the spectator. With inside looks, interviews, and history, there is something to interest everyone.

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