Air Time

Airing your program on our network has never been easier.  Whether you choose to produce your own program or employ AIB Network staff and facilities for production of your program, the AIB Network is ready to give your organization a voice that will be heard by a dedicated audience of over 2 million households in the Atlanta ADI.  All programming on the AIB Network is mirrored on our Live Streaming platform. Join our community based programming network  today.

The AIB Advantage

  • Multi-network and platform distribution in greater metro Atlanta, GA to include Comcast Cable (channel 295), AT&T U-verse (channel 6) and world wide Live Streaming.
  • A loyal audience of over 2 million homes in the Atlanta ADI.
  • 50-years of dedicated and trusted relationships with our viewers.
  • We are a community network with world wide outreach and programming appeal.  AIB Network programming is enjoyed locally, nationally and internationally.  Our YouTube Channel boasts over 300K subscribers, some of our original programs have in excess of one million views.  
  • We offer extremely attractive rates and packages.  Discounts are offered for nonprofit organizations. 

Programming Values

Our programming is the core of what we do. The AIB Network airs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and populates the AIB channel with high quality, values-driven programming that educates the mind, strengthens the body, and inspires the spirit. With a wide array of show formats and topics airing throughout the day, there’s sure to be something for everyone. Building on our history and tradition, our dedication to the community, and feedback from an active viewerbase, the AIB Network meticulously designs each minute of the programming day with our viewers’ needs in mind. By applying the lens of mind, body, and spirit to everything we air, AIB’s programming furthers our goals of strengthening communities and improving individual lives.

To reserve your time slot or for more information, please call (404) 892-0454.