Why advertise or look at sponsorship opportunities on the AIB Network?  A better question would be why not?  Our community-based network allows for unparalleled opportunity to promote products, services, events and venues that are relevant in the greater metro-Atlanta, GA marketplace.  


  • We can assist with designing complex or simple marketing campaigns
  • You can utilize your own spots or we can produce custom spots for you
  • Professional experienced staff to assist you along the way.
  • Complete accountabliity and campaign reporting


  • Reach audiences more likely to utilize your services and enjoy your products
  • Extremely affordable and very flexible
  • Multi-platform distribution with cable and live streaming 
  • Alignment with community-based programming network

Perfect For

  • Promoting events and venues in metro-Atlanta, GA
  • Promoting products and services in metro-Atlanta, GA
  • Brand alignment with the AIB Network
  • Philanthropic interests and patronage of programming in sync with what is good in the world

For more information, please call (404) 892-0454