Martial Fitness® with Coach Sule K. Welch

Coach Sule has designed a simple way to stay fit and healthy called Martial Fitness®. Every week enjoy a new fitness method that challenges your mind and body. Not everyone wants a black belt, but everyone wants to be strong and healthy. Fight for your health with Martial Fitness®!

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Today we continue our focus on Wing Chun Kung Fu, which means “Praise Spring,” an art form developed over 300 ago by a female Nun in Southern China named “Ng Mui.” The training strengthens your muscles, increases flexibility, burns fat and promotes relaxation. Wing Chun has a solid reputation for self-defense thanks to the late Ip Man and his famous student Bruce Lee. The upper body and balance exercises in this training method focus on efficiency and technique vs. size and strength. Wing Chun training improves strength and endurance in the arms, shoulders, chest and back. Hand speed and power improve through strength and flexibility exercises for the wrists & forearms.

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