Kids Can Cook

Kids Can Cook
Had a long day? Instead of making dinner for your family let your kids cook for a change. We have the perfect chefs to get the job done. Join in on the fun with our children as they go across Metro Atlanta visiting local chefs that will teach you how to prepare and create great tasting meals.

Chef Brittany takes you back with this old time classic game day meal. Who said because you’re a vegeterian that you had to give up on hotdogs? Enjoy this meatless treat and fry onion rings in a gluten free batter. These vegan hot dogs have a better flavor than packaged frankfurters and a lot less fat and calories. Whether you're gluten intolerant, have Celiac Disease or just don't eat wheat, you can enjoy onion rings once again with this receipe. Out of dessert ideas? Try this super delicious and easy to make Root Beer Float Recipe that comes together in seconds

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