Issues @ Hand

Issue @ Hand

'"Issue @ Hand" brings viewers face-to-face with the challenges & victories experienced by those at the forefront of social action in Metro Atlanta. In conversations ranging from child advocates and immigration activists to community gardeners and law enforcement agents, each program provides a local perspective on a topic of national or international significance.

Those who lead some of the longest-running arts programs for children and teens talk about the impact these programs have on young lives and how they continue to expand their work even as schools have decreased arts funding. The number one high school in Georgia focuses on arts education. So, what is the link between music, dance, visual arts, and drama and elevated student achievement? "Issue @ Hand" host Nwandi Lawson speaks with Dana Marie Lupton, Executive Director-Moving in the Spirit dance company, Paige Mathis, Music Director-Atlanta Young Singers, Anna Dunn, Dance Instructor at Dekalb School of the Arts and a student at the school, about the impact of arts education for young people.

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