Gun Violence Initiative

AIB supports the development of solutions that have a chance of making a real difference in reducing and preventing gun violence. Our series of Public Service Announcements (PSAs) support this commitment. AIB anti-gun violence PSAs are intended to raise awareness about the effects of gun violence not only on victims, but on their loved ones and the broader community living through the experience as well. For some, the mental and emotional toll of violence is as detrimental and devastating as the physical pain inflicted by the perpetrators. You can help take back our communities one block at a time. Tell us how you're taking your block back using #myblock on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These spots are available at no charge to other organizations that seek to lessen the impact gun violence has on our communities.

PSA Gun Violence #1 (PSA GV 1)

A close call with gun violence leads to new found vigilance with neighborhood watch program

PSA Gun Violence #2 (PSA GV 2)

Student takes a stand for campus safety

PSA Gun Violence #3 (PSA GV 3)

A woman who has witnessed gang violence wants to see young people make a different choice.

PSA Gun Violence #4 (PSA GV 4)

A young man implores others to take action against gun violence.

PSA Gun Violence #5 (PSA GV 5)

Hear from a woman fed up with watching kids with talent and potential go down the wrong path.

PSA Gun Violence #6 (PSA GV 6)

You’ll hear from a man who will no longer put up with intimidation and fear.