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The environment is all around us. In fact, we’re part of it! From the air we breathe and the food we eat to the ground beneath our feet. On this new series, Grow for Kids, we remember our place – our home, planet Earth. We journey to an urban oasis in the concrete jungle of Atlanta where kids from the city get a taste of life on the farm. We also go on an outdoor adventure along the Middle Oconee River to explore the wonder and wisdom of the natural world at a nature connection camp where kids get inspired to protect the Earth through learning to love it first. We explore everything from carving and plant printmaking to identifying spiders and camping beneath the stars. The journey continues as we learn about the importance of healthy soil, clean water and local farmers, but the outdoor fun doesn’t end there! Join us as we grow greener lives together.

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Nearly two million Georgians — including half a million children — live in food deserts, which are low-income areas with limited access to fresh produce. On this episode of Grow for Kids, we'll journey to an Atlanta food desert where farmers and healthcare providers transformed an abandoned lot into a farm that feeds and heals those in need. It's an urban oasis in a concrete jungle that doubles as a classroom for inner-city youth. Join us as we visit Good Samaritan Health Center, where kids from the city get a taste of life on the farm, learning how to grow, harvest and cook their own food to live healthier, greener lives.

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