Reduce, reuse, recycle. Eat locally-grown food. Get back to the land. These are far from fads. They are ways to cultivate a healthier, sustainable life and environment. While we live in a culture that predominantly values convenience and profit over health and the environment, a new and green conscious is emerging. People are increasingly interested in eco-friendly living and curious about where and how their food is grown and disposed. On this season of Grow, we’ll take a journey from an organic wheat farm to the cellars of a local craft brewery, where farmers and brewers collaborate to support local agriculture and expand public awareness of local food systems. We’ll drive three hours south of Atlanta to visit a farm that’s internationally recognized as a model for holistic land stewardship and animal welfare. We’ll also take you to the countryside of Southern Appalachia, where a group of women herbalists forage and hand-process wild plant medicine to help Georgians reclaim their health and sustain the environment. Join us on this season of Grow as we share the stories of an emerging eco-friendly, healthy Georgia.

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