Easy English

Easy English For all of us who are foreign speakers, English isn't the easiest language to tackle. Luckily, there's Mis s Maestra. And even luckier, she will be teaching you "Easy English". In this new AIB Network series, you will have a front row seat in the class room as Miss Maestra teaches you the basics of the English language. Miss Maestra is celebrating her 10th year as an educator and is fluent in both Spanish and English and is a wonderfully fun and engaging instructor who makes learning fun. Join her, on "Easy English", to learn the English language!

This month Going to the doctor isn't really fun for any one, especially when you are new to the English language. Luckily Miss Maeastra can help you! On this episode, Miss Maestra teaches you the basic words that pertain to being sick and parts of your body, that way when you visit the doctor you can effectively communicate what is bothering you.

Monday - Saturday 4:30p.m.