Allen Awards

The John H. Allen Awards is the AIB Network’s signature fundraising event. In 2018, the awards program will focus on the greater Atlanta nonprofit community, including faith based and interfaith organizations, and their efforts to improve lives by building bridges of understanding, valuing diversity, and challenging us to make a difference in the lives of others.

John H. Allen Humanitarian Award

The John Houston Allen Humanitarian Award is an award presented in honor of AIB’s founder, John Houston Allen. The award is the highest award presented by AIB. It recognizes distinguished achievement and meritorious service by an organization or individual that bridges religious, ethnic and social backgrounds and makes our world a better place.

  • 2015 Gulshan Harjee, M.D.
  • 2014 Hosea Feed the Hungry
  • 2013 Rev. Dr. Emmanuel McCall
  • 2012 Sally Haas, Haitian Mission Program
  • 2011 Joyce Ketchie Carr, Harmony International Chorus
  • 2010 Alicia Philipp, Community Foundation
  • 2009 Becky Douglas, Rising Starr
  • 2008 Rev. Ben Johnson, Interfaith Community Institute
  • 2006 Budd-Friend Jones, Central Congregational Church
  • 2005 Dean Carter, Morehouse Chapel at Morehouse College
  • 2004 Larrie Del Martin, Atlanta Habitat for Humanity
  • 2003 Dr. William C. Warren IV, MD, Good Samaritan Health Centers
  • 2002 Ollivette Allison, Carrie Steele Pitts

John A. Conant Community Service Award

The John A. Conant Community Service Award is presented to an interfaith organization that provides much needed support to a segment of our population that is often overlooked.

  • 2015 Friends of Disabled Adults and Children
  • 2014 Jerusalem House
  • 2013 Foster Care Support Foundation, Inc.
  • 2012 Community Advanced Practice Nurses
  • 2011 Project Open Hand
  • 2010 Atlanta Community Food Bank
  • 2009 Ben Massell Dental Clinic
  • 2008 Norcross Cooperative Fellowship
  • 2006 AIM (AID to Children of Imprisoned Mothers)
  • 2005 My House

The William Womack Creative Arts Award

The William L. Womack Creative Arts Award is presented to a person who is using his or her creative gifts to make our world more beautiful and harmonious.

  • 2015 Elise Witt
  • 2014 Kenny Leon's "True Colors" Theatre Company
  • 2013 Kenya Griffin
  • 2012 Dr. Dwight Andrews
  • 2010 Atlanta Community Food Bank

Programmer of the Year

Each year the Programmer of the Year Award is presented to an AIB Programmer who effectively uses media to spread a message of hope. This award is nominated by the AIB staff and the recipient is selected by AIB viewers.

  • 2015 Pastor E. Dewey Smith
  • 2014 Georgia Association of Black Women Attorneys
  • 2013 Who Am I
  • 2012 Ebenezer Baptist Church

The AIB Spirit Award

The AIB Spirit Award recognizes and honors individuals and organizations that are touching lives and making a difference throughout AIB's viewing community. This award shines a spotlight on those who are making the lives of others brighter through their programs and services.

  • 2017 Second Helpings Atlanta
  • 2017 U-Beyond Mentoring
  • 2017 Road Safe America
  • 2017 Young Adult Guidance Center
  • 2017 Haiti Container Project
  • 2016 Every Woman Works
  • 2016 Caminar Latino
  • 2016 Children's Restoration Network
  • 2016 Global Village Project
  • 2016 Atlanta Step-Up Society
  • 2016 Andrew P. Stewart Center
  • 2016 City of Refuge
  • 2015 Sunshine on a Ranney Day
  • 2015 Kate's Club
  • 2015 Habitat for Humanity
  • 2014 Atlanta Children's Shelter
  • 2014 Interfaith Outreach Home
  • 2014 Friends of Disabled Adults and Children
  • 2014 Child Development Association
  • 2013 Living Water for Girls
  • 2013 Jerusalem House
  • 2013 Focus
  • 2013 Chris Kids
  • 2013 Foster Care Support Foundation, Inc.
  • 2013 Amy Zeidi