AIB Presents: Doing Life Beyond Bars

"The AIB Presents" series of monthly documentaries explores a variety of timely topics from a range of perspectives.

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Imagine serving your time in prison only to find you can't find a job or a place to live once you're released, the stigma of having committed a crime even though doing your time following you for life. Imagine suffering mental health and addiction issues, as well as limited job skills, that further keep you from thriving outside the prison walls. All too often, it's all too easy to find yourself back behind bars. In this AIB Presents, "Doing Life Beyond Bars" you'll meet people who faced these obstacles and how many, themselves, are now devoted to helping others overcome those barriers to a stable life. You'll also hear from people who, while never having been incarcerated themselves, strive to reform a broken criminal justice system that historically discriminates against people of color through racial profiling, mass incarceration and cash bail, a criminal justice system that also discriminates against the poor, one that is filled with people who are functionally illiterate, with mental health and addiction issues that need attention, in and out of prison. Explore how helping returning citizens creates safer neighborhoods and builds healthy families. Find out how the faith community, in particular, has found a prophetic calling to live up to its highest calling by reaching out to returning citizens as "Stations of Hope" and explore how the state of Georgia has become a model for a holistic approach to helping returning citizens lead productive lives.

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