AIB Metro

AIB Metro is a monthly magazine show that brings attention to community and faith based happenings, highlights non profit initiatives and organizations, as well as showcases interesting local events.

This month Join us for an exclusive interview with Crystal Nickens Freeman as she opens up about her courageous mother, civil rights leader Barbara Pace Hunt who fought school segregation in Georgia. You’ll also meet Chef Tiffane, a single mom and survivor of two cervical spine surgeries who uses cooking as therapy. Plus, go behind the scenes with gospel crooner, Damon Little. And later, explore the fun of clay play at ABC Pottery.

Premieres 1st Thurs. 6:30p.m.
Re-air Saturdays 6:00p.m.
Re-air Sundays 3:30p.m.
Re-air Mondays 10:30p.m.