AIB Metro

AIB Metro is a monthly magazine show that brings attention to community and faith based happenings, highlights non profit initiatives and organizations, as well as showcases interesting local events.

This month This month we take you behind the scenes of the Atlanta costume shop Norcostco and we get a taste of cake heaven at Coco Cakes located in Tucker, where we also visit Mr. Migs a clothing factory for dogs where children with autism are learning life skills. Finally we go to Legoland and the Children’s Museum of Atlanta where fun equals education. All in this edition of Metro Life..
Premieres June 1st at 6:30p.m.

Premieres 1st Thurs. 6:30p.m.
Re-air Saturdays 6:00p.m.
Re-air Sundays 3:30p.m.
Re-air Mondays 10:30p.m.