About Rev. John Allen
Rev. John Houston Allen founded Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters, Inc. (now the AIB Network) in 1969 as the United States was reeling from the Civil Rights Movement. His vision was to develop programming that “helps people and makes the community a better place to live dealing with crime, education, healthcare, social services and the community climate.”

To start, Rev. Allen created public service programs focused on community needs. Programs like The Sound of Youth and Midnight Minister appeared on local affiliates and independent networks. These programs were among the 20 hours of programming AIB produced per week to foster dialogue, diversity, and engagement. In order to expand the reach of AIB, Rev. Allen championed conversion to cable and to have its own channel.

In 1981, his dream became reality with Atlanta Interfaith Broadcasters receiving a cable channel for all faiths to be on air. By the end of the 1980s, AIB was available to cable viewers throughout Metro Atlanta on 12 cable systems. Supported by his wife, O’Lynn Allen, Rev. Allen continued to lead AIB with his indomitable spirit and vision until his death in 1999. He was succeeded as president/CEO in 2000 by Mr. Collie Burnett, Jr. who has since upheld Rev. Allen’s vision.