All About Collie Burnett Jr.:
Collie Burnett, Jr. grew up in Louisiana and moved to Atlanta to attend Morehouse College where he studied economics and sociology. After graduating, Mr. Burnett began working for WSB and was one of its first African-American news reporters. He has said that one of his most memorable reporting experiences was when Martin Luther King Jr.’s mother was murdered at Ebenezer Baptist Church. Mr. Burnett was on duty that Sunday morning and was there to report the story. Mr. Burnett also interviewed notable figures such as Bob Hope, Muhammad Ali and Wernher von Braun.

Mr. Burnett also spent 18 years in the cable industry and was charged with managing the relationship between Rev. John Allen and Cable Atlanta. The relationship endured until Rev. Allen’s death in 1999. That same year, Mr. Burnett retired from the cable business. After an expansive search, AIB’s Board of Directors found that Mr. Burnett had the experience and leadership skills to carry AIB into the future, and in 2000 became AIB’s second president and chief executive officer.

Mr. Burnett is proud of the work AIB has done in the community – keeping interfaith dialogue open between all faiths and expanding Rev. Allen’s vision to focus on programming to improve people’s lives. He states, “The one thing that keeps people coming back to AIB is one central focus. You can come to AIB and get your fill of programming that nourishes the mind, body, and spirit.” Mr. Burnett enjoys working in his yard at home and mentoring emerging business and community leaders.