President-elect Audrey Daniels:
On December 5, 2018, the AIB Network's Board of Directors elected Ms. Audrey Daniels, Vice President of Operations, to be the next president and chief executive officer of the AIB Network. Ms. Daniels has been with the AIB Network for nearly three years, and is proud to have been chosen for this new leadership role.

“Founder John Allen’s goal to bring about dialogue and understanding across various faiths, races and communities continues to be a powerful and necessary mission five decades later. I’m honored to succeed Mr. Collie Burnett, Jr. as AIB’s third president at such an exciting time celebrating our 50th anniversary. I look forward to charting the course in continued service to the Atlanta community,” President-elect Audrey Daniels said. She will assume her role as the new president of the Network beginning January 1, 2020.

In 2019, AIB Network is commemorating “Connecting People for 50 Years”. Founded in 1969 to bridge diverse groups from all walks of life, backgrounds and faiths, AIB Network continues to produce programming that generates social awareness and supports initiatives to improve lives.